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All Because I Thought You Looked Like Wisdom

You’re the latest love to turn me to a poem, after time and trauma stoppered Understanding too weak to lift rhythm from the the waving hands of the word “waist” (or was it waste), which type of time tripped me … Continue reading

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5 until the end of days (la loteria, mi amiguita)

If I were to scratch at my desire for you, what would be found beneath that? I found a single lady, for loneliness, and 15 cents. But to scratch at the joy I feel when with you, to let my … Continue reading

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4 until the end of days

Your wooden wind-chime laughter showers the back of my neck, and I am soothed. You are the anticipation of warm summer rain polluted with crashes of thick white lightning, you are near-death experiences in the ocean, that first breath of … Continue reading

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3 until the end of days

this empty mug of sorrow won’t let itself be poured out, beneath the penetration of sun rays thirsty for the evaporation condensation precipitation of tears and tea, and the continuation of a life at this state of Wait unlike this … Continue reading

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The shore is self-realized, every minute mineral owned by itself and the others, and meets but does not need the ocean, although passersby see them exist as one, like the sky and that cloud which hangs like bated breath in … Continue reading

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i don’t (episode 2: a breakout series)

i don’t take risks anymore, i don’t sink my hands into the welcoming grit of moistened ground, i hope to be stopped by gold at my feet, afraid of dirty though my face is read, and my veins have blown, … Continue reading

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An Ode to Poem-A-Day

i leave already read poems in my inbox. eye them as treasures, Jacks-in-the-box I know will tickle the child inside that cries. how they stay there, dusty with neglect, and how they glow with the quality to hold on hand … Continue reading

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