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A New Site: For QTPOC Mental Health Resources

QTPOC Mental Health Resources A new site is launching that is combining resources and giving queer & trans people of color a chance to have a voice through art creation and essay writing. Any assistance you can think of, whether … Continue reading

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gas masks, metal rods cowered underneath the pressure of overabundant friction. my brother left old skin behind, in the rubble. the tremor of neurons, or hands, or lands is cause for alarm (which is a tremor of neurons), (which is … Continue reading

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low tide

i have not written anymore gently tossed pebbles to the base of my lungs, i pressed lips to trachae and thought “breathe”, just to hear the tremor of imprisoned breath, feel the helpless silence of gagged absence. /// oceans swim, … Continue reading

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A Failure of Tongues

In dialogue with “Poem”, by Lucy Ives it’s hard to describe at times, how you didn’t know barnacles moved or how they could find habitat in the underside of your skin, how you can actually feel like the number zero, … Continue reading

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