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The Unheard Pain You Know

you know you didn’t birth the yolk of growth to a flower’s bloom, and you can’t wind-shake the thought of the plagiarization of scars from your skin this wound is copyrighted, but the world named me as velvet-tongued martyr these … Continue reading

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An Ode to Poem-A-Day

i leave already read poems in my inbox. eye them as treasures, Jacks-in-the-box I know will tickle the child inside that cries. how they stay there, dusty with neglect, and how they glow with the quality to hold on hand … Continue reading

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For Good

“See? We did something for someone else’s good!” Her kindness tasted like the smoke of a charred house, something left behind to rise in the wake of tragedy. I count the grey hairs that slithered on her head as she … Continue reading

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