3 until the end of days

this empty mug of sorrow
won’t let itself be poured
out, beneath the penetration of
sun rays thirsty for the evaporation
condensation precipitation
of tears and tea,
and the continuation of a life
at this state of Wait

unlike this mug,
my heart repeatedly breaks for you,
and sorrow swirls ooze out to
paint my aortic chambers with scenes
of nostrils filled to the brim
with white swirls of music notes
that elevate your body and coccoon
your brain from your mother father circled
around you, eyes shut to your slow

my heart pounds out images
in abrupt dull tones,
broken kaleidoscope visions
of tiny outstretched hands weighed
down with absence,
tickling keys to burst the silence
from the air…

knuckles slash air to strike face,
kisses shared in a bed with no commitment

you smile, laugh, dance,
your eyebrows risen up to the sky,
two baby suns ready to break dawn…

tears fall from my eyes

at noon,
i take a spoon and tap it
against the side of the mug.
it rings like your laughter.



When dawn breaks
over the horizon
of your body’s surface,

let your soul succumb
to music
played by pleasured souls.

Give cold away to age
old warmths
and for once
take in and trust
whispered promises
and when

settles on you once again,
to cover remaining

the heart will burst
into molten lava to flow
from your mouth,
and cool as your
new skin.

-Stephanie Ambroise

May we all see the light within, within within…

I remember when my friend first gave me a copy of their CD when I was 14 years old, and I feel in love with them. Their songs about the Goddess, and being a powerful woman carried me across many emotional and psychological obstacles I faced at home, and I believe these songs play a part in who I am today.

May the blessings of your grace, my love

shine on everyone

and may we all see the light within

within within…