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3 until the end of days

this empty mug of sorrow won’t let itself be poured out, beneath the penetration of sun rays thirsty for the evaporation condensation precipitation of tears and tea, and the continuation of a life at this state of Wait unlike this … Continue reading

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An Ode to Poem-A-Day

i leave already read poems in my inbox. eye them as treasures, Jacks-in-the-box I know will tickle the child inside that cries. how they stay there, dusty with neglect, and how they glow with the quality to hold on hand … Continue reading

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For Good

“See? We did something for someone else’s good!” Her kindness tasted like the smoke of a charred house, something left behind to rise in the wake of tragedy. I count the grey hairs that slithered on her head as she … Continue reading

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Tell your story, too(sday)

Originally posted on I was watching an episode of Jane the Virgin, where Jane and Rafael go to therapy to work out their differences for the sake of their son, Mateo. At one point, she said that the worst … Continue reading

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