The title of this piece is instrumental

she held an hour by it’s corners,
shook it into the air, and draped it
across the floor. she licked her
bottom lip and diluted her body to paint,
then stepped onto the floor with pointed
toes, arms arched and raised,
a brown bassinet for the sun.

so now
i ask you this: what color is it
at one twenty three
and what song shakes her free?

© Stephanie Ambroise 2015 All Rights Reserved


About terpsichorean

Stephanie Ambroise is a nomadic writer, a rolling stone, collecting moss from all over to add to the beautiful tapestry of art that is her soul. Her poetry is a collection of all of the places she's been and all of the places she dreams to go. Finally summoning up the courage to tell her story, and being met with positive remarks and encourage, she's ready to shine and let her story stand right next to her, instead of hiding behind her.
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