Ways to heal

“How to heal:
1. Burn jasmine incense sticks. It triggers a hormone that releases serotonin in the body, and may help ease depression.

2. Hug yourself like you’d hug someone you really love.

3. Run your fingers down your arm, like you’d run your fingers down the arm of a loved one.

4. Read books that make you question what you know. There yourself right out of your “here and now”.

5. Fight your demons, tell them they don’t scare you anymore. Tell them that you already know that eventually you will win.

6. Forgive. Yourself, first. Always yourself, first.

7. That love that others tell you helps them so much, the time that you give to others they appreciate you so much for, the understanding that makes others feel safe in their skin, the advice you give others they tell you saved their life, turn all that towards you. Use your healing powers on yourself.”

-Stephanie Ambroise